Sunday, May 23, 2010

~Brooks and Dunn~

So as you may have guessed this blog post is dedicated to the famous "Kix" Brooks and Ronnie Dunn. I truly love Brooks and Dunn and am a little sad that they are retiring. So I am going to share my top ten favorite Brooks and Dunn songs!
1. Put a Girl in it
2. Cowgirls Don't Cry
3. She's Not the Cheatin' Kind 4. Ain't Nothing 'Bout You
5. Play Something Country
6. My Maria
7. Brand New Man
8. Red Dirt Road
9. Rock My World
1o. How Long Gone

I hope you enjoy listening to these truly amazing singers as much as I do!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ten Songs That Make Me Happy

1. Joe Nichols singing Gimmie That Girl
2. The Rocket Summer singing Do You Feel
3. The Rocket Summer singing I Want Something To Live For
4. Miranda Cosgrove singing Kissin U
5. Jaron and The Long Road to Love singing Pray For You
6.Tyler Ward singing Damien Rice Cannonball Cover
7.Tyler Ward singing The Script Breakeven
8.The Script singing I'm Yours
9. Lady Antebellum singing American Honey
10.Miranda Lambert singing The House That Built Me

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The 20 Dollar Bill

This song is my new favorite....
Oh to find someone who feels this way about me.

Recently I was talking to a friend about how I felt that "Prince Charming" didn't exist. He was quick in saying of course there is such a thing as "Prince Charming" look at all the people who are happily married. To which my cynical remark was, those girls were sick of looking so they just settled with the best thing they could find. His response to my remark surprised me though. He basically said not everyone is perfect I just have to look for the best in another person, which reminded me of this picture. My friend went on with his "Prince Charming" speech to tell me to look up this talk by President Uchtdorf, and the 20 dollar bill story.
Here is where I insert that I had been praying and fasting for some answers and this talk that he recommended I read answered my prayers. Because no one is perfect not even myself. I am like the "crumpled, torn, dirty, abused and scarred 20 dollar bill" and my "Prince Charming" may appear that way as well but we are both "worth the full 20 dollars". This has caused me to think on a deeper level about how I judge the people I interact with because yes they may look "dirty, abused and scarred" they are still children of God, and are "still worth the full 20 dollars"

Monday, May 10, 2010

There is Hope

Someday my prince will come... He's just taking the scenic route.