Thursday, February 18, 2010

"It's never easy breaking this old addiction"

Ok, so I decided I would start a blog. I think my life is finally exciting enough that people would want to read about it. ha not that I am wiling to disclose that information. I think I will start by making a list of major things that are going on in my life right now...
1. school. (USU) is kicking my bum. I am in the interior design program with absolutely no intentions of every being an interior designer. Although I love my classes, I just want to do something completely different with my degree, something exciting and new.
2. men. this is what takes the majority of my time believe it or not. ha ha. I am on a journey destined to find a nice, good looking, gentleman(which is a lot harder than I expected it to be, this also could be because I am picky and I am not about to settle for average or someone who is less than I deserve.) I have to admit that I have found plenty of male friends, but no one I want to spend eternity with yet. (I mean eternity does mean an endless period of time, which is a really LONG time)
3. winter. yeah its pretty major in my life right now, its putting my in a funk. I am ready for warm weather so I can go and play outside, although I am learning to play raquetball which is rather intense and quite fun! Also, I am looking forward to summer because it means the school year is over!
4. friends. I have the BEST friends in the entire world. I love all of my male friends, they are always there to answer my questions and threaten to beat up guys who are jerks. Also, they teach me a whole lot about men that I would never know without them. I also have a few terrific girlfriends, one of which would be my heaven sent roommate! Seriously, I don't know what I did to deserve her in my life, but I am so grateful for her! She is always there to talk to me, even when it is 4 in the morning, she keeps me from making stupid decisions, and tells me when a guy is lower than what I deserve, and helps keep me on the straight and narrow, and is such an amazing example to me! I love the girls in my major as well. I love that I have someone to rant to about the blasted graduate teacher who has no idea what she is talking about!
5. bowling. yeah. I am taking a bowling class and I am getting so good. I totally bowled a 106 today. its only a matter of time before I am in the 190s. ha ha or not...
6. living situation. I love the place I am living right now, and am planning on staying for the summer cuz my amazing and terrific roommates are staying as well. But since they all graduate this summer, I will be left alone. So I am left with a difficult decision of whether or not to move again. I really hate moving, therefore I am leaning on just staying put. gah. I am terrible at making decisions.
7. dating. I know I already mentioned men, but men and dating, TOTAL different subjects. Most of the guys I go on dates with don't make it to be "men" in my life. my dating life is crazy, but I do enjoy going on lots of dates and getting to know new people, and getting a better idea of the man I want to spend eternity with.

Ok , so this is way super long. But, this is what's going on in my life right now, leaving me with little time to sleep. well except for when I ditched the homework and took a 3 hour nap tonight. ha ha hence why I am still awake at this early hour.

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