Saturday, February 20, 2010

Once in a Lifetime experience.

well today has by far been the weirdest/best day of my life. It started out with me being late to class...not a big shocker. Then I go to my Piano lesson and pass off like 3 songs, with little practice time. (yay go me!) Then I went out on a lunch date with this man that lives across the street from me, he was way nice, perfect gentleman, but his hands kinda bugged me, pretty cute and I had a really good time, plus he took me to old grist mill which is my favorite, good choice! Then after my date I came home and listened to some of Tyler Wards music (AMAZING)...seriously, I want to marry this man, and I don't even know him! Then this other man called me to tell me he was on his way to pick me up for dinner. I was slightly nervous and excited for this date, unlike the first one...well I was disappointed. First we went to Fredricos, which is also a favorite of mine. :) So we were just talking getting to know each other waiting for our pizza to be cooked and he goes on and on about his trust issues and his ex-wife (which I didn't know he was married before) and continues to tell me stuff you really shouldn't talk about on a first date, seriously! then 55 minutes(yes that's right we had to wait for our food and it still only took 55 min. I scarfed my food down, and I don't eat fast) later he is walking me to my door for the "door scene". At this time I am expecting him to wrap it up, tell me how much fun he had and if he wants to go out again. No, he just stands there all awkward, so I say "...well did you want to come in??" and he returns with "well only if your comfortable with that." (my mind is screaming no I am NOT ok with that! hug me and leave! better yet, give me a flippin high five!) so I say " well I really don't know I kinda am not ok with that." to which he stands there awkwardly for another minute and a half! so I say "ok well I will hug you and see you later" then he says" well did you want to go on a second date or not?" (SERIOUSLY) to which I reply "well we did just end our first date I need some time to think about it to see how I feel." to which he replies "alright see you later" then I call my roommate and drive to the hockey game where she is, cuz I was freaking out about the date still. Then this guy texts me and says "thanks again" I didn't not reply. I just forgot about him and watched the game (which we won!) then I get a call from my dearest tan tan telling me she is going to watch a movie with lots of hot men at the platinum house. (ha ha of course I didn't take much convincing movie+hot men=cuddling)So I pick up val pal and we go over. well we did not end up watching a movie we ended up playing games, the smurf game and the dot game. But there were really cute guys there and they were funny and oh goodness hopefully they are coming hot tubing with us tomorrow. anyways whoever lost the dot game had to do a dare, everyone ended up participating in a dare, well everyone but me. It was 12:40 I had two dots on my head(3 dots and you were out and therefore had to do a dare) everyone was getting up to leave and I was thinking I was in the clear, but then everyone decided to play one more round to get the other girl with 2 dots out. I sat silently in my chair hoping no one would notice that I had two dots... Mary(random girl) pointed out that I had two dots as well therefore it was directed at me I of course cracked under the pressure and messed up, giving me the dreaded 3 dots. since everyone else had participated in a dare and mine was the last one of the night the boys felt mine should be extra GROSS! Well...they decided that I should eat a slice of banana with ketchup on it from in between tan tan's toes. yes you did just read that right. so Eric (very cute boy, also very smart) goes to work settin it all up and I have five guys behind me chanting my name "LINDSEY LINDSEY LINDSEY". I get down next to tan tan's foot and my hair tickles her feet so I freak out. yes my eyes even started watering...then I went in for the kill! It tastes like a combination of sweaty toes, ketchup and banana, yeah NASTY! then I get up and the two girls on the couch are gagging and I just walk it off a bit. I take a drink of water to wash away the nastiness then I go grab my coat which is when Brad(it was his house) freaks out cuz he thinks I am going to barf. So I hurry up and get my coat on and go to leave before I barf and they boys give me high fives and praise my braveness. So then I get out the door and start gagging! Oh man I thought I was gonna lose that amazing pizza, but I wasn't about to do it in front of good looking men! then I came home, end of story.

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